Reasons To Buy Organic Hand Made Soaps

Allepo Natural Soap For Sensitive SkinBack when I was growing up, I had no recollection of anything organic or that such products even existed.  For example when I showered, I used plain bath soap, Lux or Pear soap comes to mind.  As I grew older, I was introduced to more and more over the counter products.  I believe over time, the continued use of these products eventually caused some of my hair loss apart from stress.  Unfortunately in those days, organic anything wasn’t a thing yet.  It just hadn’t caught on as it has today.  With social media, everything blows up to mega proportions.

Today, we have anything from organic fruits and vegetables to organic shampoos and soaps.  This brings the reason for this article.  Why would anyone invest in an organic hand made soap?  Organic soaps are also known as pure soaps or true soaps.  They are made primarily with lye and fat and mixed into what’s called a cold press method.  The chemical combination creates a heated mixture that once cooled down, settles and cures to become what we know as soap.  This type of soap making is a clean way to make soap.  It contains no other harmful chemicals or preservatives that can damage your hair or skin.

Compared to the harsh chemicals in most over the counter soaps, organic natural soaps are many times milder and more effective in cleaning the skin.  In all likelyhood, the cold process way of making soaps is overall better for your skin as well.  The drawback to handmade natural soaps is the fact they do cost more since it takes more time to process and complete a loaf of soap that’s ready for use.  Over the counter soaps typically can be manufactured and ready to use within a 24 hour period or sooner vs organic soaps that take about 8 weeks to fully cure before use is recommended.